Best Furniture Donation Pickup Methods

Best Furniture Donation Pickup Methods

Furniture donations are a great way to give back and get rid of clutter at the same time. Not only that, but donating furniture is often tax deductible!

With so many people downsizing, moving or doing a major decor change in their home it can be difficult figuring out what to do with all of the old furniture. Luckily there is help! Local nonprofit organizations across America offer free Furniture donation pick up where they will take your unwanted items off your hands.

Donating furniture to your favourite charities is a great way of getting rid of extra items and helping out in the community. Here’s how you can get started!

Where To Donate Furniture

There are so many options for furniture donation pickup, it can be hard to know where you should start. Thankfully our list has all of the information about nonprofit organizations and what they need from us!

• Salvation Army

• Goodwill

Habitat for Humanity

• GreenDrop

• The Arc

Furniture Donation Pick Up – Christian Army Recovery Community

The best part is that every organization in our guide is completely free of charge for their furniture removal services and your donations go to a great cause.

1. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, a well-known charity organization that helps millions of Americans annually. The group operates in over 7K towns and cities throughout the United States to assist those who need it most.

The Salvation Army is a group that does so much for the community. They provide disaster relief, support LGBTQ+ individuals in need of help combating food insecurity and addiction among many other things!

• Who your donation helps: Your items are either sold at one of their Salvation Army stores or donated directly to those in need. The proceeds from these donations fund the Adult Rehabilitation Centers which provide housing, food, counseling and employment for individuals suffering from drug addictions

The adult rehabilitation center offers short term shelter while they work on getting clean as well as long-term solutions such a job training programs designed specifically towards people who have been through tremendous hardships like yours.

• Items they accept: They will accept furniture, vehicles, clothing, household items, electronics, mattresses, books, exercise equipment and more.

2. Goodwill

Goodwill is an organization that supports communities through job training and employment services. They also provide support services, language training, education assistance, access to transportation and child care to help people in their communities achieve success.

In 2020, Goodwill served nearly 22 million individuals worldwide and provided career support to 126,000 people. Items brought to one of their stores are sold at a discounted price which goes towards funding programs that help those in need find jobs or acquire training for new careers. Maintaining this service requires hard work on the part not only employees but also donors like yourself!

• Who your donation helps: The nonprofit uses donation funds to provide job training and community-based programs. Some of the organizations they support include classes for people with disabilities, senior resources or helping convicts reclaim their lives after prison.

• Items they accept: Goodwill accepts furniture, electronics, clothing, media items, vehicles, exercise equipment, dishware and tools. Something to note is that Goodwill will accept boats, cars, campers and RVs even if they aren’t in working condition.

3. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds houses, teaches classes on financial literacy and provides disaster relief. They have been around since 1976 with headquarters in Americus, Georgia but work all over North America as well as 70 countries worldwide!

• Who your donation helps: Habitat for Humanity sells donated furniture, building supplies and appliances at their resale store called ReStores. Proceeds from sales go to home restoring and building projects for families in need of affordable housing.

• Items they accept: Habitat for Humanity will accept furniture, building materials, appliances, vehicles and farm equipment.

4. Green Drop

GreenDrop, a program on the East Coast that raises funds for popular charities by picking up used furniture and clothing to sell at thrift stores. Their proceeds go back into various charitable organizations including The American Red Cross which provides relief during natural disasters as well as military orders of Purple Heart or National Federation of Blindness among others!

• Who your donation helps: In 2018, GreenDrop raised $3.1 million for the charitable organizations listed above.

• Items they accept: GreenDrop accepts various items, including furniture under 50 pounds, clothing, household items, electronics, tools and toys.

5. The Arc

The Arc is a nonprofit organization that provides spiritual, emotional and intellectual support for those with disabilities. The largest membership-based association in North America dedicated exclusively to this community offers services such as home programs; vocational rehabilitation service through their affiliates or local chapters where you can find donated goods at discounted prices from thrift stores stocked by volunteers who care deeply about helping others no matter what challenges life may throw one’s way.

• Who your donation helps: The mission of The ARC is to improve the quality of life for people who are disabled or have special needs. They provide services that range from educational support and vocational training, all the way down to recreational activities like sports teams.

• Items they accept: The Arc accepts furniture, clothing, electronics, vehicles, books, decorations, kitchen items and more, depending on the chapter.

6. Furniture Donation Pick Up – Christian Army Recovery Community

The best charity in Houston for collecting unwanted appliances, furniture and other items that people in need can benefit from is Furniture Donation Pick Up by Christian Army.

The Christian Army offers a free hauling service so that you don’t have to lift a finger. They are able transport your bulky items without any hassle or headache, saving the time it would take for this yourself!

Furniture Donation Pick Up accepts a wide variety of good condition items throughout Houston, Texas, like bed frames and mattresses, whiteware such as refrigerators and washing machines, household furniture, children’s furniture, and more.

• Who your donation helps: All the items picked up by Foundation Donation Pickup go to the Christian Army Charity which then goes to families who are looking for affordable furniture and appliances for their homes. The Christian Army Charity uses proceeds from your donations to help people struggling with addiction to give them a second chance at life.

• Items they accept: Bed frames and mattresses, Bedroom furniture, including nightstands and dressers, Living room furniture—sofas, recliners, television stands, coffee tables, end tables, and Household goods like kitchen furniture, including dining room tables and chairs, kitchen pantries, and display cabinets, Kids furniture—bunk beds, cribs, and small tables and chairs, Office furniture—desks, office chairs, printer tables, file cabinets, organizers, table lamps, and more.

If you have never thought about donating to a charity before, then now could be the right time to start. You may be surprised at how rewarding it can be while making a massive difference in someone’s life at the same time. Consider contacting the Christian Army to find out how you can help.