4 Best Houston Based Charities for Furniture, Appliances, and Other Items

It’s easier than you think to accumulate possessions over time. Gifts from friends and family and bargains from retail stores can all start taking up precious space in your home.  If the time has come to have a clear-out, you may be wondering what the most stress-free way would be to get rid of unwanted

Wondering “Where Can I Donate Appliances?” Let’s Find Out!

When new appliance technology hits the market, many homeowners are eager to reach for their wallets. New technology means convenience, energy savings, and a shiny new product to be placed in your kitchen or laundry room. When obtaining a new appliance, the question becomes what should you do with your old ones? As long as

4 Reasons to Donate to Charity and Where to Donate

As you make your way around your nearest city, you may be surprised to see a large number of thrift stores. In most cases, these stores are run by not-for-profit charities that donate items and their profits to people in need. Even if you usually just walk past these stores without a second thought, you

Salvation Army Drop Off Locations in Houston

After cleaning out your home, you may be left with several items that you no longer need that other people could benefit from. While you could go through the hassle of selling them online, making a charitable donation may also be worth considering.  If you’re based in Houston and have chosen the Salvation Army as

How to Get Your Kids Involved with Charities

You have probably heard the saying, “Children are like sponges.” It means they absorb everything that happens around them, including what you say and what they see you doing. This makes it vital for parents to always do their best to show their children ways to encourage them to give back to others. You can

food bank drive

How to Host a Food Bank Drive

We all need food to survive, but for some people, poverty, lack of access to local stores, and other issues can make it hard to eat healthy, balanced meals regularly. The excellent news is that charities all across the country are working to end food hunger, reduce food shortages, and avoid the development of food

charity benefits

4 Benefits of Helping at a Local Charity

We all know that eating healthily, regular exercise, and an overall tranquil lifestyle can contribute to a long life filled with joyful days. However, did you know that helping out a local charity can also contribute significantly to your overall health and happiness? Well, if you didn’t realize the benefits of donating or volunteering with

donating bin

5 Things to Do Before Donating

Donating household items, gently used clothes, canned and boxed foods, and other items is a rewarding way to give back to your community. There is no end to the list of charities and donation centers both locally and nationwide that are grateful for your donations. Furthermore, donating items that are still functional, in good condition,

donate electronics

Why You Should Donate Your Old Electronics

Chances are you have piles and bins full of electronics that you no longer use. Perhaps you have a few old iPods, headphones, laptops, or even some video game consoles that are still operational. Donating electronics is a fantastic way to give back to others in your community, provide them with entertainment and helpful technologies,

charity donations

6 Items You Didn’t Know Could Be Charity Donations

Donating to a local charity or organization is a rewarding way to give back to those in your community. It can also be a way to bond with neighbors, friends, and family if you make it a group activity or host a donation drive. It’s standard for clothing, furniture, and other essential household items to