Donating Furniture: Charity Organization that Will Pick Up Your Stuff

Donating Furniture and Stuff? Let a Charity Organization Pick Them Up for You!

Many people have all kinds of stuff that they don’t want or need anymore. They may think about throwing it in the dumpster, but then they wonder: “What if someone else could use this?” It’s a good idea to donate your furniture and electronics, however, most people don’t know where to take their old furniture when they want to donate it. It can be puzzling when you are trying to find a charity organization that will pick up your stuff and take them off your hands.

So, we’ve prepared a list of charity organizations that will pick up your furniture, and all you have to do is call them.

Need Furniture Donation Pick Up? These People Offer Donation Pick Up!

Salvation Army

A well-known name when it comes to charitable organizations. They will pick up furniture, clothing, and other household items from your house for free.

There are certain things they won’t accept though. Stuff like metal desks, high chairs, particleboard furniture, and TV Armoires are not accepted due to government rules on reselling and recalls.

They work with the same model as GreenDrop in that they sell what is not donated back into thrift stores which gives money to local charities/charitable causes.

Salvation army also sells the items donated to thrift and family stores and sends the funds to Adult Rehab Centers, Homeless Shelters, and Soup Kitchens. They are always looking for appliances, kitchen items, clothing, and furniture except the ones mentioned above.

You can reach them through their website,

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit organization that builds homes for people who can’t afford to buy or rent a home. The charity also repairs and renovates existing properties so they are safe, healthy places to live.

Their ReStores are home improvement stores that sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, building materials. They offer all this to the public at a fraction of retail prices while supporting Habitat for Humanity’s goal of eliminating poverty and providing housing worldwide.

What is the best way to donate my furniture? Call them for a free pick-up. They do this once a week. They sell the donations at their ReStores. The proceeds help fund their home improvement projects for low-income families around the world.

They accept appliances, furniture, and building materials. Vehicles, farm and construction equipment, and boats are also welcome.

You can schedule a free pick-up or drop-off item at their website,


Serving the east coast, GreenDrop is an organization that will pick up your furniture and other reusable items! They offer free pickup service to homes in Philadelphia Metro, Delaware, Baltimore Metro, New Jersey, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

GreenDrop is selected to raise funds for donations by the American Red Cross, the Nat’l Federation of the Blind, and Purple Heart Foundation. Free pickup service is available in metro areas on the east coast. They will donate any reusable items that they pick up from you for a good cause. GreenDrop also offers a service called Home Clean-Out where they would help sort large quantities of donations and plan a schedule for pickup.

GreenDrop accepts furniture, electronics, toys, books, small appliances, clothing, and household items. The organization will then sell these donations to thrift stores and send the money to local charities.

You can reach them through their website,

Furniture Bank Network

Furniture bank is a charitable organization that collects and redistributes furniture to people who need it. They focus on battered women, immigrants, poor families, and seniors.

The Furniture Bank website provides a list of items they accept and has a map to show you where the closest drop-off location is. They also offer to pick up donations for free.

Furniture bank will send your items directly into the homes of people who need them. Vehicles are also accepted as long as it is in working condition.

Pick Up Please

A program created by the Vietnam Veterans of America, Pick Up Please is providing free pick up of furniture donations in Colorado, California, Delaware, Connecticut, Louisiana, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Virginia, and Maryland.

You can schedule a pick-up with the organization through their website and it will be picked up within 24 hours of the pick-up request.

The items that are accepted include appliances, desks and tables, toys, clothes, nightstands, and lamps. The organization sells these items to private companies, which then fund their programs.


Freecycle is a grassroots non-profit organization that promotes reuse and recycling by allowing people to give away items they no longer want or need for free via local online groups. The goal of Freecycle is to prevent usable goods from going to waste.

Freecycle has over seven thousand groups and about four million members worldwide.

They provide a free, online service that will help you find people in your local community who want the things you no longer need—and give them to those who can use them most. It’s all for free!

The Arc

The Arc is a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Their mission is to promote and provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) as well as their families; advocate public policies that guarantee rights for this population; ensure equal opportunity in employment, education, transportation, housing, and recreation; offer support services which allow the people they serve to live better lives.

Not all their chapters accept pickups though, so be sure to check their website to see if they do.

The donated items are sold in thrift stores to support the programs of The Arc. They accept clothing, electronics, furniture, kitchen items, vehicles, and more.


A non-profit organization that was created to help veterans and their families. AMVETS does this through several programs, including outreach services for homeless veterans.

They will come to pick up your items in most areas of the country just make sure to fill up a donation pick-up form from their website. AMVETS has a section on their website with all the information you need to know about donations and pick-up times:

When donating to AMVETS, your donations are sold to thrift stores and the proceeds are used to help fund the organization’s programs.

AMVETS also has drop-off centers in many areas of the country where you can donate your items. Just go on their website and select a location near you:

Purple Heart Foundation

Another organization that provides assistance to veterans and their families. Through their partnerships with more than 700 nonprofit organizations, they provide direct financial assistance for basic needs such as shelter, utilities, food, and transportation; medical equipment including wheelchairs; adaptive equipment; cochlear implants; hearing aids; vision-related home modifications like wheelchair ramps or stairlifts.

Purple Heart Foundation offers pick-up of your donations for free and they will pick up items like furniture, clothing, shoes, and other household goods.

Furniture Donation and Furniture Pick ups – Conclusion

Whether you’re moving, downsizing, or just looking to free up a little space in the garage. Donating your furniture can be a great way to make space and help those in need. These charity organizations will pick up your donations for free!

If you need to have your furniture donation picked up, check out the list of non-profit organizations above and they will pick up your donations the soonest.