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Furniture donation pickup for the Christian Army is the easiest way to donate furniture and appliances in the Greater Houston Area. Donation pickup is free, all gifts are tax-deductible, and donation receipts are provided.

When it comes to donating, there are a few different options available. One option is to donate directly to a charity or organization. This can be done by giving them items in person or by mailing them in. Another option is to donate to a donation pickup service. This involves having someone pick up your donations and then delivering them to a charity or organization. Finally, you can also donate to a thrift store. Thrift stores accept donations of clothing, furniture, and other household items and then sell them to the public at a lower price.

No matter which option you choose, donating is a great way to help others in need.

Houston is full of places you can donate your unused items of furniture, with pickup services spanning Texas City, Santa Fe, Missouri City, Bay Area Blvd., and La Marque. However, on this page, you’ll find donation pick-ups and centres that service League city, as there are many donations pickup services in League City that you should know about if you want to give back to the community.

You can either schedule a pickup with one of these services, or you can drop off your donations at one of their centres. We’ll also cover the donation centres and thrift shops in League City TX 77573-77574 and nearby areas, so you can donate your items and know where the money goes.


1260 East League City Pkwy League City, TX 77573, phone number: (281) 557-4273

Website: https://www.goodwillhouston.org/

Goodwill works with College Hunks Hauling to provide donation pickup. For a fee, College Hunks will pick up your goods and transport them to the closest Goodwill centre. It’s simple to donate to your local Goodwill. They’ve also partnered with TaskRabbit to provide you with a new convenient way to give.

For on-demand donation pick-up and drop-off, you can schedule a local Tasker seven days a week. All the profits are donated to local charities through the Community Grant Fund at TaskRabbit and split with their Goodwill chapter.

The Resource and Crisis Centre of Galveston County Inc.

814 W Main Street, League City, TX 77573, phone number: 281-554-6983

Website: https://www.rccgc.org/

The Resource & Crisis Center of Galveston County, Inc.’s mission is to assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse in Galveston County by promoting their safety and well-being, as well as advocating for the prevention of such atrocities.  For donations involving furniture, large items, and donation drives, their team can pick up your donation. To schedule a pickup, please call the Galveston RCC Resale Store or fill out their online form.

If you’re looking for a donation centre instead of a donation pickup service, we have some great options for you in and around League City.

Salvation Army Donation Stores League City, TX

Phone number: 409-763-1691, Website: https://www.salvationarmytexas.org/galvestoncounty/

The Salvation Army is a religious organization that helps provide aid to those in need. They offer food, shelter, and clothing to people who are struggling, as well as spiritual guidance. The Salvation Army also operates several charity programs, which help fund their various services. Anyone can donate to the Salvation Army, and they rely heavily on donations from the public to continue their work.

One way to donate to the Salvation Army is by visiting one of their donation stores. These stores accept donations of clothing, food, and other items. All of the proceeds from the sale of these items go towards supporting the Salvation Army’s programs. There are several Salvation Army donation stores located around League City that you can visit or call them on the number mentioned above.

1260 E League City Pkwy #200, League City, TX 77573, phone number: (281) 557-4273

The Goodwill Houston Donation Center in League City is a great place to donate your clothes, pieces of furniture and other household items. All the profits from Goodwill’s sales go towards their Community Grant Fund, which in turn helps local charities. If you want to donate something smaller that doesn’t need to be picked up, take a drive up to this donation centre and drop it off!

Family Promise of Clear Creek

P.O. Box 2723, League City, Texas 77574, phone number: 832-932-3963

Website: https://www.ccfamilypromise.org/

Family Promise of Clear Creek is a local organisation that helps homeless families in the area. They provide shelter, food, and other essentials to help these families get back on their feet. One great way to support their cause is by donating goods to their donation centre. You can drop off items such as clothes, furniture, appliances, and toys at their location in League City.

Family Promise of Clear Creek even helps families get back on their feet by providing donated vehicles. If you have an unused vehicle, contact Family Promise today, as this could help a homeless family in the area start earning income and break the cycle of homelessness.

League City, TX thrift stores and resale shops

There are plenty of thrift and resale stores in and around League City, TX where you can donate your unwanted belongings. These stores accept a variety of different items, so be sure to check out their websites or give them a call to see what they’re currently in need of.

St Christopher’s Thrift Shop

 419 E Galveston St, League City, TX 77573, phone number: (281) 554-7314

St Christopher’s Thrift Shop is a local charity that helps those in need in the community. They accept donations of clothes, furniture, appliances, and other household items. You can drop off your donations at their shop during their regular business hours.

Baubles and Beads Resale stores

603 E Main St, League City, TX 77573, phone number: 281-332-3252

Baubles and Beads Resale is a great place to donate your clothes, accessories, and other small items. They accept donations of all kinds and are always in need of new stock. They specialise in women’s fashion and pre-loved clothing items, so this is a great place to donate your old clothes and give them a chance to be worn by someone new.

It’s A Better Life! Men’s & Women’s Resale

906 East Main St League City, TX 77573, phone number: (832) 297-9748

It’s A Better Life! Men’s & Women’s Resale is a resale store that sells gently used clothing, accessories, furniture, and home decor. All the proceeds from their sales go towards supporting local charities. This is a great place to donate your old clothes and help a good cause at the same time. It’s A Better Life! Men’s & Women’s Resale is open 24 hours a day.

St. Vincent DePaul League City, TX

Phone number: 713-741-8234, website: https://www.svdphouston.org/

St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic charity that helps people in need. They provide food, clothing, and shelter to those who are struggling, as well as spiritual guidance.

St. Vincent de Paul also operates several charity programs, which help fund their various services. Anyone can donate to St. Vincent de Paul, and there are a few different ways to do so. You can donate money, food, clothing, or other household items. You can also donate your time by volunteering at one of their locations.

If you’re looking for a local charity to support, St. Vincent de Paul is a great option. They do excellent work in the community and are always in need of donations. You can donate to them online or by dropping off your items at one of their locations.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore League City, TX

Phone number: (800) 422-4828, website: https://www.habitat.org/

Habitat ReStores have independently owned reuse and resale stores sponsored by local Habitat for Humanity organizations. ReStores take donations and sell high-quality goods at a fraction of the retail price. This helps keep reusable household items and building materials out of landfills.

One of the best things about the ReStore is that all the profits go toward Habitat for Humanity’s mission of building homes for families in need. So not only can you save money on home improvement supplies, but you’re also helping a good cause.

Family Promise of Clear Creek,  P.O. Box 2723, League City, Texas 77574,  (832)-932-3963

Family Promise of Clear Creek is a network of churches and individuals who seek to be a “community-based, holistic response to family homelessness.” This organization was re-launched in 2017 and since then has helped hundreds of impoverished people and lifted 52 families out of homelessness. With the help of their 18 church partners and many volunteers, Family Promise provides a variety of services to the homeless of League City: providing overnight lodging, providing three meals a day, helping with childcare, and assisting in employment searches and career growth.

You can help Family Promise of Clear Creek with a cash donation or by volunteering your time to assist in their mission. Cash donations can be made on ccfamilypromise.org, where you are also able to donate a gas card to families in need or even donate a used vehicle to help a family get to-and-from job interviews, church ministry activities, and more. You can volunteer to help the cause in a variety of ways on their website as well.

Interfaith Caring Ministries Main Office and Food Pantry, 151 Park Avenue, League City, TX 77573, (281)-332-3881

Interfaith Caring Ministries Resale Shop, 803 East Nasa Parkway, Ste 118, Webster, TX 77598, Phone: (281) 332-2025

Interfaith Caring Ministries (ICM) is another local non-profit agency that helps families in League City and throughout the Texas Bay Area. ICM’s primary goal is to assist single-parent households that are in poverty by providing them with free food, clothing, and rent assistance. You can help ICM by donating cash or by donating gently used clothing for their resale shop. Cash donations are used to purchase food for their food bank, as well as to assist families in extreme need with short-term rent assistance. Clothing donations are sold to the public at their resale shop, and the proceeds go towards the food bank and rent assistance programs. Families in need also receive vouchers for free clothing at the resale shop.

By visiting the Interfaith Caring Ministries Food Pantry location listed above you can donate food for use in the food bank. The donation center is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday. If you want to donate clothing or other eligible items to the resale shop, bring them by the Interfaith Caring Ministries Resale Shop address listed above between 10 am and 4 pm Monday through Saturday. If you’re not sure whether or not your donation will be accepted, call the phone number for the resale shop above to save yourself a trip.

My Body and Soul – League City, TX 3459 FM 518 E, League City, TX 77573, (281)-610-4686

My Body and Soul is another League City non-profit that helps fight homelessness and poverty. The organization supports over 500 families and 2,000 people each year by providing free basic care items such as toiletries, clothing, and school supplies, and by giving people in need a place to share their troubles and be lifted up with the community. My Body and Soul relies primarily on the generosity of individuals who choose to donate or volunteer, so your contribution can truly make a difference. You can donate to My Body and Soul on their website to help fund their mission, or you can donate to their clothing, blanket, and school supplies drives that happen seasonally each year.

My Body and Soul is also involved in a project called “First Priority Housing” that seeks to raise money and build homes for families in desperate need. The organization is currently seeking to raise $15,000 to build a new indoor construction facility and advance their project, and they have already raised funds to build their next three homes. Visit their website to become a part of the great change My Body and Soul is making for the League City area!

Higher Up Texas, 1621 FM-517 East, Suite A, Dickinson, TX 77539, (832)-683-1306

Higher Up Texas is a charity that teaches life skills to youth and young adults and helps guide them down the path towards a successful future. Higher Up Texas accepts donations of books that are added to their free library and made available for high school students and young adults who are seeking to better themselves. Additionally, you can make a cash donation to sponsor multiple different causes in Higher Up Texas’s program.

Through a donation to Higher Up Texas, you can sponsor a young adult in need of a laptop. Having access to a laptop can be an invaluable resource for young adults after high school, as this will give them the opportunity to apply for colleges, jobs, and internships. On HigherUpTexas.org you can also sign up to make a monthly donation which helps with a number of different programs, including classes on how to manage finances, how to vote and be involved in a community, and all sorts of career readiness programs.

League City RCC Resale, 814 W Main Street, League City, TX  77573, (281)-554-6983

The Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County (RCC) is engaged in defending the safety and well-being of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse and working to take preventative measures against further violent crimes like this. This non-profit runs a resale store on Main Street in League City and three more throughout Galveston County, from which all proceeds go towards funding their charitable goals.

RCC’s retail stores accept donations of lightly used clothing, shoes, furniture, books, home decor, and much more. You can bring your donations to the League City resale store location or any of the three other RCC resale store locations. If you’re donating large furniture or a large number of items from a donation drive, you can arrange to have your donation picked up on RCC’s website.

League City is a city in the U.S. state of Texas, in Galveston County, within the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

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