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Furniture donation pickup for the Christian Army is the easiest way to donate furniture and appliances in the Greater Houston Area. Donation pickup is free, all gifts are tax-deductible, and donation receipts are provided.

Houston Furniture Bank

Since its inception in 1992, the Houston Furniture Bank has been a shining beacon of hope and support for thousands of families in the Greater Houston area. This unique non-profit organization is driven by a simple, but powerful vision: to make empty houses homes. In this blog post, we’ll explore the work of the Houston Furniture Bank and show you how you can make a difference by donating to this incredible organization.

The Power of Furniture: The Houston Furniture Bank’s Mission

While the essential need for food, clothing, and shelter is widely recognized, we often overlook the importance of furniture. The Houston Furniture Bank works to fill this gap. It provides essential furniture to families in need, turning bare rooms into comfortable living spaces, thereby contributing to the emotional and psychological wellness of these families.

Every year, the Houston Furniture Bank helps over 3,000 families and recycles an incredible 3 million pounds of furniture. Whether it’s a bed for a child to sleep in, a table for a family to share meals, or a couch for a family to gather around, the Houston Furniture Bank helps transform houses into homes, and in the process, transforms lives.

How to Donate: Making a Difference in Houston

Want to get involved? There are several ways you can donate to the Houston Furniture Bank.

Donate Furniture

The Houston Furniture Bank accepts furniture in good condition. Your used furniture can directly impact the lives of families recovering from hardships such as disasters, poverty, and domestic violence.

Before you donate, ensure that the furniture is in good condition – free of rips, stains, pet damage, and extreme wear and tear. The most-needed items include mattresses, bed frames, dressers, dining sets, and sofas. You can either drop off your furniture at the Houston Furniture Bank’s Furniture Distribution Center or schedule a pickup for larger donations.

Financial Contributions

Apart from furniture donations, you can also make a financial contribution. This can help the Houston Furniture Bank continue its essential services and expand its reach. Financial donations can be made directly through their website. Remember, every dollar counts and will make a significant impact on someone’s life.

Donate Time: Volunteer

The Houston Furniture Bank also needs volunteers to help with a variety of tasks – from assisting in their warehouse and showroom to helping with administrative work and special events. This can be a great opportunity for individuals, families, and organizations to give back to the community.

The Impact of Your Donation

Your donation to the Houston Furniture Bank doesn’t just fill empty spaces. It provides stability and normalcy for families in transition. It offers comfort and dignity to those who have been through difficult times. And it fosters a sense of community and connection in Houston. With your support, the Houston Furniture Bank can continue its mission of “Making Empty Houses Homes.”

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Barbara Hix
Barbara Hix
I would just like to say what a wonderful experience with Bradley and Cane who came to pick up my donations..they where great!
S. Howard
S. Howard
Very pleasant respectful men!
herbert barbee
herbert barbee
These guy’s were great very professional and on time and they were fast. Thank you I appreciate what you did for me today.
Gloria Maria Aguilar
Gloria Maria Aguilar
Muy bien
Sarah Stevenson
Sarah Stevenson
A great experience with furniture pickup. All the guys were very professional and kind. I am grateful this service exists and will be donating everything I can from now on. No more messing with trying to donate on my own!
Symone Clark
Symone Clark
Brad and the rest of the guys who came to pick up my furniture were super friendly. They were very quick and efficient. I would definitely donate more furniture to this organization!!
Miyah Steele
Miyah Steele
Super nice, and got in and got out really quickly, no damages or anything will for sure be using them again in the future!!
Jennifer Hopkins
Jennifer Hopkins
The crew did a fabulous job. Very trustworthy. In fact they found my my mother’s Rolex watch that was in the corner of the safe. They found it, called me and they are sending it to my home. Thank you that means the world!

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Let’s join hands with the Houston Furniture Bank in their noble mission. Whether it’s your time, furniture, or financial contributions, your generosity can bring comfort and hope to someone’s life in our community.