How to Get Your Kids Involved with Charities

You have probably heard the saying, “Children are like sponges.” It means they absorb everything that happens around them, including what you say and what they see you doing. This makes it vital for parents to always do their best to show their children ways to encourage them to give back to others. You can do this by donating to a local organization or volunteering with a charity in your area. There are several ways you can remind your kids that helping others is a significant part of creating a loving world. 

However, it is also a good idea to bring them directly into these acts with you so that they learn to love working together to help others. At Charity Dispatcher, we are your resource for all information regarding local charities, ways you can help your community, and the double blessing of giving back. Learn how to get your kids involved with charities today and start spreading your love, support, and generosity throughout the community with your family. 

Ask Them To Clean Out The Toy Room

One of the easiest ways you can get your kids involved in local charities is by asking them to donate the clothes and toys that they no longer use. Perhaps they have favorite costumes or clothing that they have outgrown but are still in good condition. Maybe they had a favorite toy that doesn’t interest them anymore. These are all excellent items to donate to local charities, thrift stores, and organizations. Some local organizations might need these items since they are not as frequently donated. Think of local charities that help children or families in need; these places would love to receive toys, stuffed animals, and gently used clothing as donations. 

Remember, this is about bonding with your child and teaching them to give back to their community. Don’t choose what they should donate, but instead encourage them to find some items. Maybe provide them with a number. It could even be eight items since they are eight years old! Get creative with it and think of how to interest your child in the process. Other fun ideas might include a donation theme, such as dinosaur toys and dinosaur clothing. You might want to consider fun ways to make a game out of the process. Whatever you decide, your child is sure to walk away feeling better about helping other kids enjoy their past favorites. 

Photo by Vanessa Bucceri on Unsplash

Ask Them What They Think

Children think a lot and ask many questions, which signifies how actively they are observing the world. Feed your child’s natural inclination to seek answers and solve problems creatively. The best way to do this is to talk to them about what they think are the biggest problems in your community. You could ask them who they see that needs the most help. What are some troubling concerns they notice in their daily lives? Even though they are children, they are very observant and might give you an idea of the problem they believe they would be the most helpful in solving. Then you can take this information and use it to locate organizations that fit their concerns. For instance, if your child is passionate about helping those in need find nutritious food, perhaps consider helping at a local food pantry, food bank, or soup kitchen. In contrast, if your child is most passionate about raising the spirits of hospitalized children, find local programs to volunteer their time and bring a smile to sick children near them. 

Start a Fundraiser for Their Birthday

Children love birthdays because it usually means a lot of sweets, a fun party, and presents. However, teaching your kids from a young age to appreciate the value of their gifts is very important and can encourage them to want to give to others. One way to do this is to make birthdays about giving as much as receiving. Many online platforms make it easy to create a birthday fundraiser for a charity, non-profit, or organization of your choice. This way, they are helping to raise money and give back instead of just focusing on all that wrapping paper.  

Encourage Them To Think of Other Ways To Give Back

News outlets are filled with heartwarming examples of children who went out on their own to help others. Some of the best ways kids have given back to their communities and helped others come from self-motivation. It is always a good idea to find active ways to get your kids involved. Sometimes it is best to step back and let them think of things for themselves. A little encouragement and support can go a long way in letting your child find ways to get involved. Charity Dispatcher is here to help with inspiration for how to get involved.