OAS Increase 2024: Know About Expected Increase in Old Age Security Payments

The Canadian Revenue Agency is known as the federal government that offers benefits to all individuals who are living in Canada and are more in age. The CRA is giving finances to their individual on a monthly basis under the name which is known as the Old Age Security. The senior citizens are known as the backbone of the country that has built a strong empire and they deserve all types of benefits from the government authority. The government authority is offering the OAS payment Increase to all those individuals who are 65 years in age or older and are earning less income.

OAS Increase 2024

According to the latest news, individuals who are earning less income and are senior citizens will be provided with increased one-time pay in the month of July 2024. This payment amount is not yet announced by the government. It is necessary for the individual who lives in Canada to become eligible for this payment. This article provides information related to the OAS rise in the year 2024.

The payments that are given to all the individuals are not enough as all these individuals need to think before spending on their medication and nutrition. The senior citizens are those who deserve all types of happiness and this benefit will therefore help them live a life that is free from any type of stress and issues. According to the latest news, senior citizens will be provided with an increased amount of OAS payments. However, no official announcement has been made by the authority related to this payment.

CRA Old Age Security Pension: Overview

TitleOAS Increase 2024  
OrganisationCanada Revenue Agency

Increase in OAS based on CPI

  • The OAS Benefit Estimators assist the individual in estimating their monthly payment and even help the individual plan their monthly payments for the future. This tool even assists individuals in finding whether they are eligible for this benefit or not and helps in understanding the impact of deferring the pension.
  • On the basis of the changes in the consumer price index, the OAS benefit has risen by 0.7 percent from July to September 2024. Or the Rise of 2.8 Percent in the past year that is from July 2023 to July 2024.
  • The amount of the OAS is mainly reviewed each year to ensure that they are reflecting the cost of living rises that are measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • This payment will help the senior citizens live their lives without any type of financial stress and without any type of financial burden. Further, the rise in the payment is also provided after considering the inflation rate rise in the country.
OAS Increase 2024: Know About Expected Increase in Old Age Security Payments

OAS Eligibility for 2024

The individual is required to meet certain criteria of eligibility if they want to get the benefits of this payment. I have provided certain eligibility criteria that you can follow to get this benefit. Read it carefully to get a detailed overview of the benefit amount.

  • The first criterion of eligibility is that the individual should be almost 65 years old in age to qualify for the OAS benefits and should live in Canada for at least 10 years after becoming 18 years old.
  • Those individuals who have not lived in Canada but have resided in Canada for almost 20 years after becoming 18 years old in age and are permanent citizens can apply for this benefit.
  • Individuals who are working abroad should return to Canada within just 6 months of ending their employment and should provide Proof of their Employment in return.
  • All these criteria of requirement make sure that the benefit is provided to those individuals who are in need of it and is not provided to those who don’t need it.

More Information related to OAS Payments

The Old Age Security is increasing as per the consumer price index because of the increasing cost of living. By making such type of modification, the senior citizen can easily manage their increased cost in a better manner. The OAS payments are reviewed by the authority each quarter and thus can be adjusted to remain in line with the changes in the CPI.

  • This benefit offers the final assistance to the adults by providing them with a monthly income that varies on the basis of age and income. Individuals between 65 to 74 years old in age are provided with a monthly payment of $713.34.
  • This payment will be only given to them if their annual gross income is not more than $142609. The individual that is 75 years or more in age can get a slight increase in their monthly payment if their income remains below $148179 per annum.
  • Such types of OAS Changes are sufficient for meeting the needs of senior citizens. The OAS program offers significant support to senior citizens who are living in Canada.
  • Such types of changes in OAS align with the increased cost of living with the aim of making sure that senior individuals get enough support for managing their expenses when the inflation rate is high in the market.

All You Need to Know

This benefit is only provided to the individual if they meet the age criteria which is given in the above section. The individual can apply for this benefit by visiting the Official Website of the government authority. It is necessary for the individual to make sure that they are filling in all the details correctly and providing all the documents that are needed.

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