Pickup Donations: The Best and Easiest Way to Downsize Furniture When Moving!

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Moving? Why not Downsize Your Furniture with Donation PickUp? The Best and Easiest Way of Downsizing!

Have you been dreading the process of packing up your things and moving? The thought of downsizing to a smaller home or apartment can be daunting. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make this transition less stressful: pickup donations.

Pickup donations are similar to yard sales in that they offer sellers the opportunity to unload their unwanted goods without having to go through the inconvenience and hassle of hosting a sale themselves. You simply donate the items you no longer want and set up a date/time for someone from one of these organizations we’ve listed to come by and pick them all up for you!

Why Should You Donate the Items?

Besides making your next move a lot less stressful, donating your unwanted items to a pickup donation organization can actually be very rewarding. Not only will you free up space for new and exciting things in your life but you’ll also help out those less fortunate than yourself!

Donations that are picked up by a charity or other organization often result in tax deductions, which can help reduce your total cost of moving. The tax deduction may not be a large amount, but it can still remove some of the moving expenses you have to pay.

The Right Way to Donate

To get the most out of your donation, it’s important that you take some time before packing up everything into labeled and well-organized boxes. Smaller items can be boxed up together and labeled as a group to give the donation company an idea of what you’re donating.

Large appliances, such as refrigerators or stoves, may need special attention depending on their condition when they are donated. Sometimes these appliances will still work even if they have been turned off for a while. Furniture can be donated as well, but it’s important to remove all personal items from drawers and cabinets before donating.

When Should You Donate?

The best time to schedule a donation pick-up is after you have finished packing up your belongings. If the weather is nice, consider having it picked up on the day of or immediately following your move date. This way if there are any issues with boxes being too heavy for movers to carry down flights of stairs, they can be dealt with before you’ve moved everything into your new home.

Charity Organizations That Do Donation PickUp

Salvation Army

A popular name in the non-profit world, the Salvation Army is one of many great charity organizations. They have a long history in America and are known for their pristinely decorated trucks that drive through neighborhoods on pick-up days to advertise their cause. This organization does not just benefit humans, either! The Salvation Army also has an animal rescue program where pets can be adopted by loving families.

Your donations to this organization are tax-deductible, which means you can get a little something back in return for your downsize! You can schedule your free pick-up by going to their website SalvationArmy.org.

The company is very flexible, so you can easily reschedule your pick-up if you find yourself in a bind! Rather than doing the hard work of downsizing by yourself, schedule an appointment with them today.


A leader in the non-profit world, Goodwill is known around the globe for its dedication to providing jobs and training opportunities for people with disabilities. They use their over 3,000 stores in North America to fund their placement programs.

Goodwill offers pick-up donations, so you can schedule your pick-up by going to their website Goodwill.org. The organization accepts electronics, furniture, clothing, and all sort of items. They will pick them up free of charge.

Habitat for Humanity

As a non-profit, Habitat for Humanity focuses on building homes for low-income families. They allow their clients to build the house alongside volunteers and pay nothing until they move in. Because of this, not only is it affordable but also builds pride among those who can afford little else.

To donate items or schedule pick-up sessions with habitat for humanity, simply go to their website habitat.org and click on your state then call or email them.

Organizations like these are always looking for donations so if you have items that they can use, schedule a pick-up session with them! They will come to you free of charge. They accept all sorts of items, books to toys, electronic devices to furniture.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Another organization that can use your donations, The Vietnam Veterans of America is a nonprofit organization that helps veterans adjust to life after returning from combat by providing assistance with jobs, housing, and benefits amongst other things.

You can donate your items at their local offices or schedule a pick-up session online through their website vva.org. You will be helping our nation’s heroes while you downsize for your next move.

They accept items like clothing and furniture, even appliances or electronics as long as they are in working condition to be given away to those who need them most such as homeless veterans across the country.


Another great non-profit organization to schedule a pick-up for your donations is GreenDrop. Based in Philadelphia, this organization will come to your home and pick up the items you’re donating.

The great thing about these organizations is that most of the time, your city has one nearby so scheduling pick-up isn’t difficult at all! You can find out which items are accepted on their website gogreendrop.org. They even have this program where they send people who will help you sort through the items you are going to donate so you don’t have to worry about throwing away things you want or need.

Furniture Bank

Another great organization to help you downsize is Furniture Bank, where they accept gently used home furnishings and appliances of all kinds. They used the donations to help families in need of rebuilding their homes.

They have many convenient locations throughout the area so you can drop off your donations or schedule a pick-up session for things that are difficult to transport, even large items like mattresses and couches. They will remove them at no cost to you which is another bonus!


AMVETS is a great organization that provides services to veterans and their families. When you donate to AMVETS, they sell your items to their thrifts stores and the proceeds go towards their programs for veterans.

They have a great presence in the community and are well known for their thrift store sales, where all proceeds go back into helping local veterans get the services they need. They accept all sorts of items including your old electronics, your clothes, and even furniture. You can schedule a pick-up through their website AMVETS.org.

The Arc

The Arc is a great organization that provides services to people with mental disabilities. They are non-profit and their mission statement is “to be the champion of opportunity for all individuals throughout our community who have developmental, intellectual, or psychiatric challenges.” You can schedule free pick-ups online through TheArc.org.

If you have items or furniture that you no longer need, you can contact The Arc and they will come to pick it up. The process is easy and free of charge. They accept clothes, toys, appliances, furniture, books, and even vehicles as long as it is running.

To Summarize

All these great organizations have made downsizing for your next move easier than ever so instead of paying for dumpster rental or throwing it away, contact one of these charities, and your next move can be stress-free.

If you are moving to another state, there are even more options available for your donation pick up depending on the charity itself so check with them first before scheduling an appointment. This is a great opportunity to reduce clutter in one area of your life while helping someone else out at the same time!