Salvation Army Drop Off Locations in Houston

After cleaning out your home, you may be left with several items that you no longer need that other people could benefit from. While you could go through the hassle of selling them online, making a charitable donation may also be worth considering. 

If you’re based in Houston and have chosen the Salvation Army as your charity of choice, you’re not short of options. We’ve included some helpful information on donation drop-off locations below. 

What Can I Donate?

After searching for Salvation Army drop off Houston online, you may have discovered that there is more than one drop-off location for used goods near you. However, before you jump in the car and head to any one of them, make sure that what you plan on donating will be accepted by them. 

For logistical reasons and a lack of demand for some items, the Salvation Army Houston drop-off locations do not accept any of the following:

  • King-sized beds and bed components, water beds, hospital beds
  • Air conditioners, dishwashers, hot water heaters, furnaces, and built-in appliances
  • Doors, garage door openers, carpet padding, curtain rods, countertops and cabinets, sinks and toilets, Venetian blinds, wall-to-wall carpeting, windows
  • Large items like tires, swing sets, wheels, metal filing cabinets, and non-antique or non-computer desks, electric organs, couches or sofas longer than 12 feet
  • Magazines, cans, bottles jars, textbooks, wire coat hangers
  • Chemicals, dental equipment, paint 

If you’re not sure if your items fall into any of these categories, call your Salvation Army drop-off location in Houston ahead of time. Any items that aren’t suitable for donation can be taken to one of the many disposal sites and facilities throughout Texas. 

Salvation Army Family Stores in Houston, TX

At least five family store locations in Texas will accept your goods donations, all within convenient driving distances of main highways. 

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center, Washington Avenue

Address: 2208 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas

Phone: 713-425-8727 

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center, Bissonnet Street

Address: 6150 Bissonnet Street, Houston, Texas

Phone: 713-778-1161 

The Salvation Army of Greater Houston, Cypress Creek Parkway

Address: 3665 FM 1960 West – Houston, Texas

Phone: 281-397-7481 

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center, S Texas 6

Address: 8145 Hwy. 6 South – Houston, Texas

Phone: 281-530-1007

Donation Centers

One of the most easily accessible donation centers in Houston, Texas, is the St. Stephen’s Church Office Center at 5815 Airline Drive. 

Drop Boxes

For quick and easy drop-offs, there are several drop box locations dotted around Houston, Texas

Texas Southern University

Address: 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, Texas 

Victory Christian Center

Address: 11420 Cutten Road, Houston, Texas 

12600 FM 1960

Address: 12600 FM 1960 Rd West, Houston, Texas 

2220 FM 1960

Address: 2220 FM 1960 Road West, Houston, Texas 

Salvation Army Northwest Corps

Address: 12507 Windfern Road, Houston, Texas 

Salvation Army Aldine Westfield Corps  

Address: 2600 Aldine Westfield Road, Houston, Texas 

Aside from the Salvation Army, Furniture Donation Pickup is another non-profit charity accepting donations for people in need. While the Salvation Army offers various drop-off locations, the Christian Army with Furniture Donation Pickup provides easy and convenient pick-up services. It’s clear to see you’ve got plenty of charitable organizations to choose from.

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