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Salvation Army Pickup Guide, How to Schedule, Houston, TX

Salvation Army Pickup | Salvation Army Houston

 Many of us have the best intentions for donating items to those less fortunate. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get your donation items to a specific drop-off location. This is especially true when you have a large number of items for donation or heavy items such as furniture and appliances.

Thankfully, there are charities that pick up. The Salvation Army in Houston offers donation pick up for people in the near area of their locations. You can donate furniture, large items, and smaller items and have them picked up by the Salvation Army. Keep reading for more information on donation pickup, including furniture donations.

How to Schedule a Salvation Army Donation Pickup

What will the Salvation Army pick up?
The Salvation Army in Houston will pick up a wide range of donation items. From clothing and home goods to furniture and large appliances, the Salvation Army accepts many gently used items for pick up.

Below is a list of items the Salvation Army in Houston will accept for pick up. The list is not all inclusive. If you have a unique item, contact your local Salvation Army to confirm that it can be picked up.

• Clothing for men, women, and children in bags or boxes
• Jewelry and shoes in bags or boxes
• Books in bags or boxes
• Miscellaneous items in bags or boxes such as:
o CDs
o DVDs
o Golf clubs
o Luggage
o Roller blades
o Small electronics (Cameras, Cell phones, DVD player, CD player, etc.)
o Stuffed animals
o Toys
o Umbrellas
• Household goods in bags or boxes such as:
o Car seats
o Clocks
o Framed art
o Lamps
o Linens
o Musical instruments
o Scales
o Small appliances (Blenders, Microwaves, Toasters, etc.)
• Furniture such as:
o Bed
o Bookcases
o Bunk beds
o Cabinets
o Chairs
o Coffee tables
o Couches
o Dining room sets
o Entertainment centers
o Loveseats
o Mattresses/Box springs
o Mirrors
o Patio Furniture
o Sectional sofas
• Large appliances such as:
o Air conditioners
o Barbeques
o Dishwashers
o Dryers
o Freezers
o Lawn Mowers
o Refrigerators
o Stoves
o Washers

For all smaller items such as clothing, accessories, and small household items, ensure that all items are packed in bags or boxes. The Salvation Army will only accept these items for pick up if they are properly packed and ready to go.

For furniture that has fabric, make sure there are no stains or rips on the item. If you are donating appliances, large or small, they should be completely disconnected.

What will they pick up downstairs?
It is up to the pickup driver’s discretion for which items are accepted and which are not. However, in many cases, the Salvation Army in Houston will pick up most items from the downstairs of a house. You must have all smaller items bagged or boxed appropriately. Larger appliances or pieces of furniture can be carried out by the people who come to pick up your items.

What will they pick up upstairs or on a 3rd story?
This is also up to the driver’s discretion. The driver will decide whether or not the Salvation Army team will pick up items from upstairs. If you live in an apartment or a multi-level home, you may have larger items that need to be moved from upstairs. Call ahead to verify that your items can be taken downstairs by the Salvation Army in Houston.

If the driver decides that they will pick up your items from upstairs, an adult must be present. It is also wise to minimize obstructions as much as possible to make the path up and down the stairs smooth and safe.

What will the Salvation Army in Houston not pick up?
Unfortunately, there are some items the Salvation Army is unable to accept. There are a variety of reasons for this, including an inability to store or sell the items, safety concerns, or legality issues. Below is an overview of items the Salvation Army in Houston will not pick up or accept for donation.

• Items in poor condition. All donation items must be gently used or like new.
• Furniture with rips or stains
• Appliances that are not disconnected
• Carpet padding
• Cans, bottles, or jars
• Chemicals
• Counter tops or cabinets
• Curtain rods
• Dental equipment
• Desks
• Doors
• Furnaces
• Garage door openers
• Hospital beds
• Hot water heaters
• King size beds and box springs
• King size mattresses
• Magazines
• Paint
• Sinks
• Swing sets
• Textbooks
• Tires
• Toilets
• Venetian blinds
• Wall to wall carpeting
• Waterbeds
• Windows
• Wire coat hangers

How do you schedule a pickup?
Scheduling a pickup with the Salvation Army in Houston is fairly simple. There are three easy ways to schedule a pickup depending on your preferences.

1. Call 1-800-SA-TRUCK
a. You will be prompted to enter your zip code.
b. After entering your zip code, you will be connected to a local operator who can answer questions and schedule your pickup.
2. Download the Salvation Army mobile app for iPhone or Android.
a. Follow the prompts on the app to schedule a pickup.
3. Schedule a pickup online.

How do you schedule a pickup online?
Scheduling a pickup online with the Salvation Army in Houston is the easiest method to get your items picked up. You can list out the items you have for pickup in bags and boxes as well as any larger items such as furniture and appliances. Then, you can select the date for pickup and leave any special instructions for the driver.

Using this method for scheduling a pickup is the fastest and most efficient way. You have the ability to quickly add in all of your items instead of listing them over the phone. You can also schedule a time that works for your schedule and leave specific instructions for pickup.

An overview of the process for scheduling a pickup online
1. Go to
2. Enter your zip code under “schedule a free pickup”
3. After you hit “Go,” you will be taken to a page detail the items you want to donate. Make sure the “Schedule a Pickup” tab is selected at the top, instead of the “Drop It Off” tab.
4. Enter the number of bags and boxes you have of smaller items by category. You can also add the number of chairs or couches you have for pickup.
5. If you have items for pickup not listed, you can select items from the dropdown menu. There are a variety of furniture and appliances listed in the additional items menu.
6. If there are any items not listed, you can enter those as well. Select “My item does not appear on this list.”
7. Select the category of your unlisted item. Your choices are Clothes, Heavy Furniture, Light Furniture, and Misc. Then, type in the item name and click add. If you are concerned about an item, you can click “See what items we cannot accept” to see any items currently not being accepted.
8. After you have filled in all of your items and clicked Next, you will be taken to a page to schedule your pickup. Select the date of pickup from the available options on the calendar. Unfortunately, you cannot select the time for pickup. The pickup time is up to the driver and the schedule for the day. Typically, pickup can occur anytime between 8am and 4pm.
9. You can leave special instructions for the driver. This is the perfect place to notate any heavy items that will need to be moved from an upstairs floor. Also, leave instructions on how they can access the items for pickup if you will not be home. There are common instructions listed below the special instructions box that you can use to automatically fill in this information. You will then be asked a quick question on how you heard about the Salvation Army pickup.
10. After clicking Next, you will be asked if you have a Salvation Army account. If you do, you will be prompted to sign in. If not, you will be taken to a page to create your account. Enter all of the information for your pickup address and contact information.
11. Once all of this information is provided, you will receive a confirmation for your pickup date.

How long does pick up take?
The time it takes for a Salvation Army pickup in Houston will depend on the items you have for pickup. If you only have a few bags or boxes, it will not take very long. Smaller donations only require a few minutes for pickup. If you have heavy furniture or appliances, then the process may take longer. The driver may be able to give you an estimate once they arrive and survey the items you have for pickup.

Do you have to be present for pickup?
There are some circumstances where you do not have to be present for pickup by the Salvation Army. If you are not going to be present for pickup, leave instructions in your pickup scheduling. For example, you can leave items in your driveway marked “SA” or in front of your house.

If you are not going to be present for pickup, the driver must be able to identify your donation items and access them easily. Make sure items are not behind any gates or locked areas, and clearly mark your items as “SA” or “For SA Pickup.” For items that must be carried out of your home or downstairs, you must be present for pickup.

Is there a charge for pickup?
There is no charge for pickup by the Salvation Army in Houston. In most cases, you have to have at least three bags or boxes of donation items or two large pieces of furniture to qualify for pickup. Because the service is free, you have to be flexible with delivery time.

Will they come inside your home?
Yes, the Salvation Army in Houston will come inside your home to pick up items. You must be present for them to come into your home. Smaller items must already be bagged or boxed up. They will not come into your home and pick up loose items for donation. Any appliances must be disconnected, but the Salvation Army will come into your home to pick up appliances as well.

Will they come inside your office?
Yes, the Salvation Army will come inside your office to pick up items for donation. You must be present for them to come into your office, and items must be prepared for pickup. Pack smaller items in bags or boxes and ensure all appliances are disconnected.

What kind of workers will do pickup?
The workers who take care of pickup for the Salvation Army in Houston are either employed by the Salvation Army or volunteers. All workers are trained by the organization to properly handle all pickups. If you have any questions about who will conduct your pickup, you can ask the driver when they arrive.

What kind of trucks or equipment are used?
The Salvation Army in Houston uses standard moving equipment to pick up donation items. They usually arrive with a moving truck and have dollies or carts to move items. You do not have to provide moving equipment for pickup.

Are pickup donations tax deductible?
Yes, you can deduct your donations for pickup from your taxes. The Salvation Army does not provide a valuation for your donation. You are responsible for assigning value for your items. There are a lot of references available to determine the tax-deductible value of your items, or you can consult a professional tax advisor for help.

You can deduct items that are picked up from your taxes. If items are not accepted for donation, you cannot deduct those items from your taxes. You can also contact your local Salvation Army location in Houston for more information on the tax-deductible value of your donation items for pickup.

You can find a more complete list of items and tax-deductible values at The Salvation Army has provided a breakdown of common donation items with a low and high value for each. You can determine the value of your items based on their quality and age.

Salvation Army Furniture Pick Up
The Salvation Army in Houston will pick up furniture for donation. However, the exact items available for pickup will depend on your local Salvation Army and their needs. The driver for pickup also has the discretion to accept furniture donations or not.

Common furniture items for donation:

• Beds
• Bookcases
• Bunkbeds
• Cabinets
• Carts
• Chairs
• Chest of Drawers
• China Cabinet
• Coffee Table
• Couches
• Credenza
• Cribs
• Daybeds
• Dining Sets
• Dressers
• End Tables
• Entertainment Centers
• Futons
• Headboards
• Highchairs
• Loveseats
• Mattresses
• Mirrors
• Nightstands
• Ottomans
• Patio Furniture
• Recliners
• Sofas
• Trays
• Trundle Beds
• TV Stands
• Vanities

There are more items that the Salvation Army will accept, and this list is not exhaustive. If you have questions about your items for donation, call your local Salvation Army to confirm that they can accept your donation.

Additional Options for Salvation Army Donations
In addition to donation pickup, you have another option for donating items to the Salvation Army in Houston. There are dozens of Salvation Army locations in Houston and the surrounding areas where you can drop off your donations. The following location types accept donation drop-offs.

• Salvation Army Store & Donation Centers
• Salvation Army Donation Drop Boxes & Trailers
o These locations are not physical stores or centers. They are simply locations to drop off your items.
• Salvation Army Drop Offs
o These locations are not physical stores or centers. They are typically housed in other stores or organizations.
• Salvation Army Donation Centers

How are Salvation Army Donations Used?
When you donate items to the Salvation Army in Houston, they are typically sold in Salvation Army Family Stores. All proceeds from your donations belong to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army uses proceeds from the Salvation Army Family stores to fund the Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC).

The ARC is available to help men addicted to drugs or alcohol through a variety of programs and therapy options. They offer recovery services and transitional housing in the Houston area.

Donating to the Salvation Army in Houston is a great way to give unused or unneeded items to those less fortunate. The Salvation Army offers pickup services for a variety of items, including clothing, household goods, and furniture. Prepare your items for pickup properly and schedule your donation online, through the Salvation Army app, or over the phone.