List of Best Charity Organizations in USA: Everything You Need to Know

As the word CHARITY itself suggest that a help which is neither a business help, nor a help for profit making instead it is a help which is non – profit help. It is specifically for the people who are in generous need , struggling to live their lives properly. Charity is done without expecting anything in reoccurrence or for revenues. Charity is a small word but a great humanitarian act which gives lots of honour, happiness  and take lots of courage. 

The main purpose of charity is to decrease the rate of poverty in today’s world and increasing the nature of learning, practicing, providing them education. Not only food, shelter, clothes is a part of basic necessities but providing a god education, books to read and hence telling them how to read is also consider as charity which is done for non – profit purpose. 

Popular Charity Organizations in USA

There are several organizations in USA who work for the needy without expecting anything in return and provide sustainable development to the needy into the charity organizations. These charitable organizations are the doors to step forward towards learning and completing the incomplete or desired goals for the needy. Providing home to the homeless and food to hungy and education to the illiterate.

List of Best Charity Organizations in USA: Everything You Need to Know

Listed below are some popular charity organizations of USA:

  • FEEDING AMERICA – as in its name it has already mentioned about feeding which defines feeding to the hunger . It was founded in 1979, which is a Best charitable organization who is fulfilling domestic needs and feeding to the hunger. 
  • UNITED WAY WORLDWIDE – it was originated in 1887, this organization provide home to many USA  citizens. And  it has provided to more than 1100 independent people.
  • ST. JUDE CHILDREN’S RESEARCH HOSPITAL- it was founded in 1962 by Danny Thomas who does pediatric treatment and research facility in Memphis specially focused on children’s catastrophic diseases.  This charity organizations is providing healthcare facilities to the children suffering from any health issue. 
  • DIRECT RELIEF –  it was created in 1948 , they help in donating medicines and supplies to medical stores located in local. Medicines are important key factor which completes any of the treatment which a person is enchanting. 
  • SALVATION ARMY – it was introduced in 1865, it is  a church who is working for an charity organizations and has been worked for at least 120 countries and still going on. This church is working to mandate and furnish domestic needs of the people.
  • HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL – it was started in the year 1976, as referred as Christian housing ministry , the volunteer are helping in building homes for them at lower prices as according to the usual rates . 
  • YMCA OF THE USA – it was initiated in 1844, it provide the facilities for getting fit through gyms and fitness programs etc. 
  • BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA – it was founded in 1860, this usually defines the programs happened for boys and girls after their school.  The clubs are being provided to them.
  • COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL – it was originated in 1952, it is Christian child sponsorship organization, which helps in developing the children for a longer period who are in living in poverty. 
  • AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS – it was founded in 1881, by Clara Barton , this America National Red Cross charity organization  provide assistance from  any kind of emergency occurred or when any disaster take place and also provide education to the needy in USA. 
  • NATURE CONSERVANCY –it was created in 1951, and its main objective is to preserve of land and water which is an essential demand of all the people in the USA. 
  • THE ARC OF THE UNITED STATES – it is founded in 1953, these provide help to those children who are dealing with disability provide with proper intellectual and development skills and improvement in health. 
  • SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN – it is founded in 1922, it is a network of 22 medical treatment facilities and mainly focusing in  burnt cases and neuromuscular for children.
  • MOUNT SINAI HEALTH SYSTEMS – it was originated in 1852, in the New York city of USA , which focuses on educating medical terminologies and in the field of science. It majorly focuses on learning hospitals.
  • PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA – it was created in 1916, it is specialoized in providing services in reproductive health which embrace cancer related problems, HIV screening, also related to female abortions and contraception process. 
  • HEALTHWELL FOUNDATION – it was initiated in 2004, this provide financial help to promote certain medications and therapies which are essential for a human body to work properly. 
  • AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY – it was originated in 1913, in the New York city, to assure lesser cases for the cancer as much as possible. Its main focus is to terminate cancer cases in US as soon as possible. It is the Famous  society formed. 
  • CRU – it was founded in 1951, it is formely known as campus crusade for Christ which assist in promoting religious of Christian and also provide whole support to the Christian group. 
  • CARE USA – it was duly found in 1945, this helps in decreasing poverty ratio as well as an alarm for getting the emergency problem solved and promote in exposure of developing and establishing long term projects.
  • AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION – it was founded in 1924, this majorly focuses on cardiovascular diseases , the problems which is related to our heart.
  • SAVE THE CHILDREN FEDERATION  – it was established in 1932, it basically promote overall growth in children whether in terms of health, nutrition, education etc which is making children more active and growing. It is the Top federation which is allowing children to step forward. 
  • ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION – it was founded in 1980, this association provide funds to research for the disease the person is suffering , hence it also provide support and care.
  • ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY FOUNDATION – it was founded in 1942, through Samuel Goldwyn, this is an entertainment association who provide funds to the address where it is required to the needy in terms of health, educational or any other social issues. 

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