List of 8 Charities Who Offer Free Donation Pickup in USA: All You Need to Know

The respective donors who wanted to donate to the charity organizations and are not able to donate due to lack of vehicle , or lots of luggage issue are being provided with the facility of free pick up of donation from your respective location in USA. Donating things which are  untouched  things which are present at their homes maintain More space and provide help to another person with Joy.

List of 8 Charities Who Offer Free Donation Pickup in USA

Things like furniture, books, clothes, medicines, electronics, used cars, shoes, toys, household items, appliances, sports equipment etc. are donated to the organization to help the needy and provide them the reason to live their lives Happily. Each and every donor shall keep such points in mind while donating things to any charitable organization .

1. Each and every item shall be clean and disinfect

2. Each clothe should be washed, dry clean and dust free.

3. Each toys, puzzles or books shall be properly kept , hence not damaged.

4. Each and every item shall be checked thoroughly , no hazardous item shall be present, which might harm any children out there. 

5. Each and every item of battery shall be checked if required any assistance. 

  • Any donor shall not donate things which are:
  • Soiled, expired or boken which may harm any person.
  • Hazardous like paints, makeup, cleaning supplies
  • Banned, recalled, or is very old whose standards does not meet current situation. 

Donor’s donation shall be picked up only after scheduling proper time , location , an evidence of the donor and as well as the organization for any further process. 

List of charities that offer free donation pick up

List of 8 Charities Who Offer Free Donation Pickup in USA: All You Need to Know


It was founded in 1865 and has remarkable presence in at least 131 countries till now . This organization either directly sent item to who really need and rest or kept in salvation army store for further use. 

Things they accept for donation : Furniture, mattresses, clothing, household items, appliances, electronics, books, used cars. 

They usually help the group of people which include victims of domestic violence, human trafficking etc. 


It was founded in 1902 and has more than 3200 stores in USA and Canada. This organization use finance to provide training, placement program. It will store all the items safely, and then will sold at cheaper prices. 

Things they accept for donation: furniture, shoes and clothing, toys and games, electronics, housewares, furniture, art and books .

They provide various classes, programs, also connect with the individuals who are dealing with disability etc. 


It was founded in 1948, the organization is operating in 22 US states, it also comprises of physical stores . it also provide courses related to job training. They usually help women who require encourage , and also to the active-duty serviceman.

Things they accept for donation: small furniture, clothing and accessories, toys , games, electronics, bedding, bicycles, TVs , computers.


It was founded in 1976, they provide home to the homeless people who are decent in nature and are able to afford . This organization partly pay through their habitat  Restores Thrift Stores and consider their efforts.

Things they accept for donation: furniture, building materials, household items, appliances.


It was founded in 1950 and was supporting to the disabilities in developing their skills and in intellectual disabilities. They are currently working in more than 600 states and funds are being in favour from thrift stores. They usually help childrens and adults bringing out their mental  peace. 

Things they accept for donation: furnitures , housewares, clothing, shoes, electronics, toys, games, used cars, books.


A program who is responsible for free pick up of donation mainly supports in Vietnam Veterans of America . Their main work is to provide items with light weight and easily carryable.

Things they accept for donation: clothing, household items, toys, electronics, books, sports equipments,small home furnishings       


This is currently working in 34 states. Items are given to people who are not able to afford to furnish their homes. 

Things they accept for donation – furniture, electronics, small appliances, housewares.

PICKUPMYDONATION.COM is an organization who secure donation to provide it later whenever required .They accept very large kind of items which required a huge capacity vehicle to handle the items. 

Whenever you are donating furniture you might opt things like chairs, stools, desks, beds, tables so that it can be utilized more often . Your furniture should be in Good condition to donate not in upholstered , stained or ripped conditions. Also you have an option to sell it online that needy could find it on and purchase at very lower prices. 

If we are donating books that should also be in Suitable condition it should not be torned, highlighted, moldy or outdated in nature. Some charitable organizations does not accept any and each kind of books, they take books of certain subject matter only. You can also give your books to such stores, libraries to resell or reuse it. 

Before donating anything to the charitable organizations and directly to the needy one must check whether the things you are donating are worthwhile, or not and the person to whom it is reaching is suitable for it . 

For example: if you provide book to a senior citizen who is not in need of it will not be considered as worthwhile instead of that you shall provide him with good clothes, shoes, food and shelter . 

This method of  free pick up of donation is now commonly available and affordable and have steps to call, give your donation and then take credit and receipt of it as it is a tax deductible resource and also it is helping nearby a good percentage of people in the country. It all shall be done honestly, no malpractices or fraud shall be found. Everything shall be accurate, fresh , clean, reuseable, damage free etc. 

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